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Ford Fiesta ST 1.6T | PERON | Voodoo V2.0


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PERON tuning and AET Motorsport are proud to offer you the Voodoo V2.0 performance tuning package. The Voodoo V2.0 package has had hours and hours of time spent through development and testing using AET Motorsports Dynapack hub dyno for accurate, reliable and safe tuning for the Ford Fiesta ST 1.6T. Using an alternative downpipe and our very own 'Voodoo' intercooler we have seen great results and with the support of PERON this is a fantastic alternative. 

The PERON Programmer

PERON Programmer gives you the ability to flash your Fiesta ST with our elite performance tuning files and return your car to stock at any time. The PERON Programmer is a simple USB to OBD interface device that works on any Windows based laptop with simple step by step instructions. 

Voodoo V2.0 (Stage 2 ) = 210whp ( supported by PERON ) 

*includes PERON Programmer , Voodoo Intercooler, ITG intake system(*2 weeks lead time*) & Cobra down - pipe.

Our best remap for the stock turbo. Unleash the true potential of your modifications with a huge 279 ftlb and 210 whp still with only ITG intake, Voodoo intercooler (proven up to 280bhp.) and Cobra downpipe needed. These were achieved with a standard turbo, manifold, cat-back exhaust and hot-side pipe kit.

If you're looking for an increase in turbo chatter we recommend a Turbosmart bov.

*Fitting 3hrs 

*2 weeks lead time*




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