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Ford Fiesta ST | Autobeam Halogen H7 Full Beam Bulb


  • £2748

Now you can improve your night vision and see up to 20 metres further at night with the H7 Full Beam Bulb from AUTOBEAM. The 20 metre longer full beam increases your safety by highlighting any potential dangers and obstacles much earlier giving the driver increased time in which to react to avoid a potential hazard.

Also offering up to 30% more light on the road ahead compared to a standard manufacture original equipment bulb, allowing you to see further and feel safer on the road. A 40% whiter light really makes a difference and helps to reduce eyestrain and to create fatigue free driving.


The whitest halogen upgrade available
Increased light intensity
Improved nighttime visibility and road safety
Reduced strain on the eyes
UV cut suitable for use in plastic headlamps
Suitable for projector type headlamps


Voltage: 12v
Light Colour: 4800k White



Product Includes

  • x2 H7 Bulbs

Autobeam Care

All products sold by AUTOBEAM are covered with our 2 year protection plan as standard.

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