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Ford Fiesta ST | Autobeam HID H7 Dipped Beam Kit


  • £5988

Driving on poorly lit roads at night can be dangerous. You rely on the performance of your headlights to help you spot potential hazards quickly. AUTOBEAM HID are up to 150% brighter than standard, helping you to identify potential dangers quicker and more easily, both on and off-road.

The colour temperature of the AUTOBEAM HID range allows your eyes to focus better, helping you to see obstacles easily for an exciting driving experience.

Passionate drivers enjoy being challenged on the road. During the winter months, the weather can be unforgiving, and you need the best light possible to navigate through tougher conditions. Thanks to their brightness, AUTOBEAM HID Dipped Beam Kit provide optimal visibility for extra control in darker, more dangerous conditions.

Colour Temperature  

4300K - White with yellow tint
5000K - Pure White
6000K - White with a blue tint

It's important to choose the correct Ballast as some vehicles will require the CANBUS version to avoid issues, if your unsure please contact us

Standard - A basic ballast designed for non CANBUS cars
CANBUS - Most modern cars require this to prevent Flickering/Warnings
CANBUS - Quick Start - Also prevents Flickering/Warnings as well as a radically reduced warm up time (Commonly used for full beam)


Increased light intensity
Metal Base
Improved nighttime visibility and road safety
Reduced strain on the eyes
UV cut suitable for use in plastic headlamps
Suitable for projector type headlamps


Voltage: 12v
Light colour: Various



Product Includes

  • 2x H7 HID Bulbs including ballasts

Autobeam Care

All products sold by AUTOBEAM are covered with our 2 year protection plan as standard.

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