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Golf R - Stage 3 APR turbo setup


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APR Presents the EFR7163 Turbocharger System for the 2.0T EA888 Gen 3 engine!

The APR EFR7163 Turbocharger System produces up to 536 HP and lays down 10-second quarter mile passes, all through a convenient and affordable, turn-key solution. It represents a threat to the establishment of turbo four cylinder vehicles of yesteryear, and breaks the hearts of muscle cars and exotics everywhere as they are left in the dust by an engine a third the size of theirs, screaming a turbocharged battle cry as it passes. It is a vicious beast, yet a beast easy to tame. It makes for a civilised daily driver that quietly sips premium fuel with surprisingly excellent mileage. Deceivingly quick transient response, with near stock-like turbo lag makes for an experience devoid of the compromises many would expect from an engine this size. It is the answer to the desire for more power, and it’s the brainchild of APR’s talented engineering teams, with over a year and a half of initial development, and a never ending drive for perfection. It is easy to install, blisteringly fast, and produces an absolutely exhilarating driving experience!

Quick Facts
- Incredible Power
Offering up to 536 HP, this is the most powerful 2.0T turbocharger system we have ever created!

- Blistering Acceleration
10-second quarter mile passes, and 0-140 MPH sprints 15 seconds faster than a stock Golf R!

- Ultra-Responsive and Reliable Turbocharger
A Borg Warner twin scroll EFR7163 delivers amazing top end power with incredible response all in a ultra-reliable turbocharger unit.

- Turn Key Solution, Including Software
No headaches sourcing parts or costly "dyno tuning." Stage III+ is a complete bolt on solution all the way down to the APR ECU Upgrade software that makes it all possible.

- Harmonious Balance Between Hardware and Software
APR’s Engineers have done the hard work. They have tested what works and what does not to deliver a true bolt-on package worthy of the APR name.

- Premium Materials Throughout
No corners were cut. Stage III+ only uses the highest quality materials and components.

Requirements and Recommendations
The APR Stage III+ Turbocharger Systems are designed for use with several other modifications. APR strongly advises rebuilding the engine, especially at the maximum power levels. APR strives to engineer the most comprehensive solutions on the market, including validation of APR products and claims through extensive research and development. To receive the best service and support, and to experience and achieve the product’s advertised results, it is imperative to only use APR certified products as results may otherwise vary. Proper maintenance, operation and a quality install is necessary under all scenarios.

APR’s upgraded low pressure fuel pump and a High Pressure Fuel Pump are required vehicles using APR Stage III+ software. Additionally, vehicles with a factory IS20 turbocharger, such as the MK7 GTI, require factory MK7 Golf R / S3 injectors direct injection injectors (Part Number 06L906036L). Lastly, some FWD vehicles may need a 2014 fuel pump basket (5Q0919051BH).

Please Note: Never use a fuel grade rated below the software’s requirements. Top Tier Premium fuels are required for pump fuel modes. A minimum of 95 RON mode. A minimum of 98 RON is required for 98 RON mode. Race fuel modes are designed for specific fuels and may not work correctly with alternative brands. Sunoco GT260 is required for 104 RON mode. Sunoco GT260+ is required for 108 RON mode. To switch from a lower octane fuel to a higher octane fuel, all fuel MUST be removed from fuel tank, fuel basket fuel lines and fuel injectors before switching software modes. Do not mix fuel grades, blend ethanol, blend octane boosters, or use water or methanol injection to increase octane ratings. Do not use nitrous. Do not alter the direct injection system unless stated otherwise.

Exhaust System
The APR Front Wheel Drive Midpipe or APR All Wheel Drive Midpipe is required if the vehicle is not already equipped with an APR downpipe. The factory catback exhaust may remain unmodified.
Please Note: The factory rear oxygen sensor must be installed. Do not relocate the sensors. Do not space out the sensors. Use the APR o2 sensor harnesses and do not extend or modify any of the harnesses further. Do not use an exhaust cut out / dump tube before the sensor. Do not use smaller than factory exhaust piping on the catback system. Do not use a catback system that’s more restrictive than stock.

Intake System
The APR Carbon Fiber Intake System is required.

Intercooler and Charge Pipes
The APR Intercooler System is required. APR intercooler and throttle body boost hoses are highly recommended to help prevent boost leaks.
Please Note Do not change the turbo outlet and throttle body hard pipes with non-oem parts, or use unapproved hoses, or hose clamps. Always boost leak test to 35 PSI.

APR cannot make any guarantees as to the longevity of the OEM manual transmission clutch or DSG/S Tronic clutches in every transmission. A manual transmission clutch upgrade is required. APR’s Stage III DQ250 TCU Upgrade is required for DSG / S Tronic models. Proper fluid changes are required.

Engine Internals
APR strongly recommends rebuilding the engine.
Stage III+ power, torque, boost, cylinder pressure and temperature levels and more are substantially higher than stock. APR cannot make any guarantees as to the longevity of the factory engine internals or all factory components on every engine. APR strongly recommends rebuilding the engine, especially at the maximum power levels.

Built Engine Requirements:
A quality engine build is required for successful operation. All one time use bolts, nuts, gaskets and seals must be replaced. Components out of tolerance must be replaced. APR specified pistons are required. This package includes the required wrist pins, and piston rings. Do not use an alternative piston. Follow the manufacturer's install directions. Connecting rods must be upgraded to stronger components, utilizing a 144mm rod length and 21mm wrist pin, with replacement bearings. APR Valve Springs are highly recommended and are required if the engine exhibits valve float.
Please Note Do not install oversized valves. Do not alter the camshafts. Do not port, polish, or reprofile the cylinder head. Do not alter the crank pulley. Do not space out the intake manifold T-Map sensor. The factory intake manifold is required.

Spark Plugs
This turbocharger system was designed for use with NGK heat range 9 (NGK-R7437-9) spark plugs gapped to 0.024" ±0.002" or 0.6mm ±0.05mm with a change interval of 10-15,000 mi or 16-24,000 km spark plugs are included and required.
Please Note Use caution and do not improperly gap, or drop the spark plugs. Do not over torque the spark plugs. Always follow the manufacturer's install procedure. Only use original OEM coil packs.

Oil, Coolant and Lubrication
APR strongly recommends using Motul 300V 10w40, an ester based engine oil, with the APR Oil Catch Can System.
Please Note Proper oil change intervals are critical. Motul 300V is not a long life oil. Change oil often, especially before and after heavy track use. Do not go full throttle until the engine oil is up to temp.

Other Precautions
Only use APR certified parts. High NVH motor mounts may cause false knock, resulting in lower than ideal output. APR recommends the factory diverter valve. Boost taps and boost reference lines see up to 35 psi, necessitating the need for properly rated lines and clamps. Do not use zip-ties to secure boost reference lines. Do not dyno the vehicle without proper cooling. Do not dyno the vehicle in “dyno mode.” Do not alter sensors. Do not alter wiring harnesses. Stage III+ is a lot of power so be smart! If you have questions, ask!

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